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Accidents happen, it's a fact of life, and they can happen at anytime. Whether you've had a sports injury, car accident, or just a freak accident that damages your teeth it's important that you get the damage repaired as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of infection or further damage from occuring.

Dr. Blackwell is an expert at tooth restorations that restore the functionality while at the same time looking completely natural.

When doing restorations it's always Dr. Blackwell's goal to make sure that when the damaged tooth is restored that it's impossible for anyone to tell the difference.

Our Common Restorative Dental Services

  • Dental Crowns: When a tooth is damaged or as a result of neglect it is missing a large portion of its enamel, a dental crown is usually the optimal restoration solution because it completely surrounds the damaged tooth. This will result in a natural looking tooth that will allow you to be able to bite down with normal force without having to worry about damaging your tooth.
  • Dental Bonding: Often with younger patients bonding can be the ideal restoration procedure because often it's a baby tooth that is in need of restoring. It really doesn't make sense to apply a dental veneer on a tooth that is going to fall out soon, so restoring a tooth to it's full functionality using dental bonding is a smart option. Of course the tooth in question will be matched with natural tooth colored material so that it's virtually impossible for anyone to tell the difference.
  • Dental Porcelain Veneers: Typically veneers are used to repair slightly damaged, chipped and/or cracked teeth. In addition more often than not they are used on the front teeth to restore a minor problem. A porcelain veneer is a thin shell that fits over the front of the tooth to give it a renewed natural look.

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Your first step to a new wonderful smile is a simple consultation. Dr. Blackwell will listen to your ideas and preferences for the smile you want. From there he will review your dental history, as well as examining your teeth, gums and mouth.

Since each person has their own unique situation Dr. Blackwell will formulate a game plan based on the information and consultation. He will then discuss all your options so that you completely understand everything.

Our experienced team has extensive training in a variety of dental services that are designed to keep your smile healthy and happy.

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Our Reviews

"Dr. Blackwell is a great dentist and I would highly recommend him and his staff for your dental needs."

"My whole family has been coming to Dr. Blackwell for several years now and we've always received great service. The front desk gets me squared away and the hygienist's take good care of us. Dr. Blackwell will tell you the truth and get it done right for a good price. It's a relief to have a dependable service."

I (and my family) have been seeing Dr Blackwell for over 20 years, I can not sing enough praises for Dr Blackwell and his staff. They do not over sell you like many of the chains do, Dr Blackwell is always upfront about what I need and more importantly, what I don't. It is true that at times it can take a little bit of time to get in, but to know that you are treated well and not oversold, its worth the wait for me.